Take a Look at Our New IV Nutrition Formulas

Take a Look at Our New IV Nutrition Formulas


Restore and Replenish Formula

This formula is perfect for those who need a boost in the energy and to restore your body’s balance. It helps with fatigue, migraines, muscle pains, and many other medical concerns. This is a great one to get when you are feeling run down from day to day activities.

Regenerate and Heal Formula

Regenerate and Heal Formula- This immune booster formula is designed to help give your immune system a boost to fight off colds and infection and to heal from surgery. Its extra vitamin C and zinc can help prevent illness from keeping you down. The healing properties in this formula are also great for pre and post- surgical procedures.

Revitalize Skin Formula

Use this formula to give your skin, hair and nails the glow and strength they need! This IV is designed to boost nutrients needed for cellular regrowth in the skin, hair and nails. Great to use with skin therapies at Flowers Medical Group. This formula comes with a free facial evaluation.

Recharge Metabolism Formula

Does your metabolism need a boost? This is the formula for you! The nutrients in this IV formula not only give you energy, but give the metabolism a recharge. Use this one to help with weight loss and general health and wellness

Re-energize Vitamin C Formula

This high dose vitamin C formula is specially designed for patients with medical conditions. It helps boost the immune system to fight off infection like no other. This formula requires additional lab testing prior to administration and medical supervision.

Replenish Hydration Formula

This cocktail was specially designed for those who need a boost from dehydration due to illness, fatigue, or over doing it the night before. Hydration with this vitamin and mineral bag help combat symptoms of dehydration like headache, fatigue and nausea


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